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Foreign students entry algorithm 2021



By order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 16.03.2021 No. 639-r, foreign students, graduate students, residents, students of preparatory faculties are allowed to return to Russia to continue their studies.

  • The list of states open for entry to Russia of foreign students, regularly updated by Rospotrebnadzor, will be delated to each student individually by university staff.
  • Foreign students will be able to enter Russia for training from only those countries recommended by Rospotrebnadzor as countries with a safe epidemiological situation.
  • Give minimum 10 days’ prior notice on the arrival to RF to the deputy dean for work with foreign citizens or an employee of the international department responsible for working with foreign citizens.
  • Send a copy of a health certificate, HIV, AIDS certificates to the email address sajidamo@yandex.ru or contact +79894870045 (whatsapp).

Operational procedure on the admission of foreign students

to educational process

  1. The foreign citizens who arrived from abroad the Russian Federation (further – foreign citizens) should submit COVID-19 PCR diagnostic results, according to RP 3.1/2.1.0231-20 “Recommendations for prevention of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the educational organizations of the higher education” (changes № 2 of 11.02.2021 RP 3.1/2.1.0231-21).
  2. Students – the foreign citizens arriving from the states with which air travel is already resumed are examined on COVID-19 by PCR method twice – not earlier than before three calendar days before arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation and within 72 hours after entrance on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3. Foreign students arriving in the territory of the Russian Federation must follow the isolation regime .
  4. Further, foreign citizens in educational organizations of higher education in terms of ensuring control over the admission of students – foreign citizens to the educational process within three calendar days from the day of arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation undergo a second PCR COVID-19 examination. During this period, foreign citizens undergo mandatory isolation at their place of residence (when settled in a hostel – in separate blocks and sections).

During isolation the foreign citizens participate in educational process in the remote mode.

Their pass to academic buildings of the university is forbidden.

  1. After a second examination, the foreign national should submit the results of the examination to a staff member of the International relations department or a staff member of the dean..
  2. Unless and until the PCR result is negative, in time no later than 3 working days from the date of primary arrival of the foreign citizen, the dean’s office gives admission to internal studies.
  3. Accounting and examination control are exercised by the employee of the international department IRD and the deputy dean in coordination with foreign students. The result of the examination on COVID-19 is stated in one of documents (the control document).
  4. In the case of a positive result of a PCR COVID-19 examination, a foreign citizen is placed in a 14-day quarantine in a specially designated dormitory room or sent to a health care facility.