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DSMU sent humanitarian aid to the Special Military Operation zone



On Friday, 1 March, Dagestan State Medical University sent humanitarian aid to the special military operation zone. Rector Visampasha Khanaliev accompanied by Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Activities Sirajitin Mutuev inspected the shipment, which was collected on the territory of the Biological Building of DSMU.

Commenting on the shipment, V. Khanaliev noted: “I believe that in this difficult period for our country, both our soldiers fighting the enemy and civilians should feel that they are not alone. And we want to prove in practice the slogan “We do not abandon our fellow men!”. I am grateful to everyone who took part in collecting and sending this shipment. Dagestanis are always ready to help in a difficult moment. This has always been the case and will always be the case. We worry with all our hearts for those who are in the zone of the special military operation and together with them we are trying to bring our victory closer!”.

Then the shipment will be sent to the zone of special military operation as part of the collection shipment from the Republic of Dagestan.