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Ecological Medicine №1 2018

Balneotherapy as a key factor in the complex treatment of osteoarthrosis of large joints among elderly patients at a sanatorium-resort stage

Ecological and hygienic assessment of adolescent health in different climatic and geographic conditions of the Dagestan Republic

Efficiency of metoprololin the treatment of hypertensionin a coastal city climate

Genetic factors in development of cardiovascular diseases in women in menopause

Increase of bactericidal activity of neutral anolyte in combination with a salicylic-turpentine suspension

Lipid peroxidation in patients with various forms of brucellosis

Relative risk of death from heart attack myocardium of the female population of ecological zones of the Republic Dagestan

Structural changes of the lymphomicrocirculatory bed of fibrous membranes with compression injury of soft tissues of the extremities

The case of tetanus syndrome in neurology

The study of bactericidal effectiveness of neutral anolyte in combination with potassium permanganate

Thyperoxidase activity and cytochemical indices of blood neutrophils in autoimmune thyroiditis

Use of Dagestan natural zeolites in medicine and veterinary medicine

Venous thromboembolic complications in stroke patients prevention problems

Vital microscopy of the microcirculation the bed of the mesentery of the small intestine in the dynamics of acute poisoning by sodium nitrite

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