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A literary and musical evening dedicated to the international Mother’s Day “Take care of Mothers” was held at DSMU



   A literary and musical evening dedicated to the International Mother’s Day “Take Care of Mothers” was held in the reading room of the scientific library with foreign students of the preparatory department and students of the Faculty of Dentistry on November 25.

  Mother’s Day began to be celebrated relatively recently in Russia. Established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 120 of January 30, 1998, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of November, paying tribute to maternal labor, their selfless sacrifice for the benefit of their children and “in order to increase the social significance of motherhood.” This holiday is a great occasion to express your love and deep gratitude to the most important person in our life — mom. After all, Mom is the embodiment of goodness, wisdom and mercy.

  Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work Elmira Abieva made a welcoming speech on behalf of Acting Rector Visampasha Khanaliev: “All the most precious shrines are named and illuminated by the name of the mother, because the concept of “life” is connected with this name. This is the embodiment of love, happiness and inspiration. And this theme will be eternal, as the mother is the continuation of the human race. Therefore, it is not surprising that many writers and poets draw inspiration from memories of childhood, home, and mother,” she said.

 The guests of the event were a member of the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Dagestan, Honored Worker of Culture, Laureate of the State Prize, People’s Poet of the Republic of Dagestan Aminat Abdulmanapova and poet, journalist, head of the culture department of Zamana newspaper Patimat Kurbanova, who shared warm memories of their mothers and literary works on this topic.

 2nd year students of the Faculty of Dentistry read poems by Soviet and Dagestani authors.

 Hero of the Caucasus, People’s Artist, composer of the Republic of  Dagestan, head of the sector of the Cultural and Mass Culture Center of DSMU Abdulla Fataliev also addressed the students: “Mom is the main word in the life of each of us. Mom is the most expensive and important person. We are completely dependent on our mothers as children, and we come to them for advice when we grow up. The bond between mother and child is unbreakable, like the power of love that unites them,” he said. A. Fataliev also performed a musical composition about mom in Avar.

The library staff prepared and demonstrated a video presentation “What is happiness?” and a book exhibition  “A woman is the beginning of all beginnings.”