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A number of trainings for activists of the Youth Affairs Committee was held at DSMU



  A series of trainings on various topics for activists of the Youth Affairs Committee was held at Dagestan State Medical University  from November 28 to December 2  2022.

   The first and opening training cycle was a master class on social design. During it, the guys received a lot of useful information about how to write and protect projects.

   The next and no less interesting meeting was held between the activists and the head and coach of rhetoric School Logos Nariman Magomedov. The speaker revealed to the audience the secrets of effective communication: how to talk correctly and convincingly, learn to hear and listen to the interlocutor, analyze your behavior in different situations and maintain psychological contact in communication. The training showed the young participants that the ability to speak competently is the right way to success.

  The third in the list of invited guests was Head of the Department for Project Activities and Development of Volunteerism “Volunteers of Dagestan”   Ahmed Abdurakhmanov. He told the activists about volunteering in Dagestan, how to become a volunteer, what kind of work a volunteer does, as well as about all the positive aspects of this activity.

And the last event organized for students was a training on the topic: “How to behave in stressful situations” from a psychologist  EMDR therapist – Adam Absalamov. The purpose of this meeting was to create conditions for the skills and adequate behavior in situations that cause anxiety and fear; to reveal the concepts of “anxiety” and “stress”; to introduce students to “healthy” ways of overcoming anxiety and relaxation exercises; to teach self-regulation skills.

At the end of each training, the participants could ask questions of interest to them, as well as share their impressions with each other.

Diana Mutaeva, Youth Affairs Committee