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A second home for students. Official opening of dormitories No. 2 and No. 3 after major repairs




The official opening of dormitories No. 2 and No. 3 for students of Dagestan State Medical University after major repairs took place on Saturday, October 9, 2021. The event was attended by Acting Rector of DSMU Razin Rahimov, Acting Vice-Rector for Economics and Administrative Work of DSMU Siyadat Idrisova, as well as heads of structural divisions, university staff.

The acting rector of the DSMU Razin Ragimov made a welcoming speech to the residents of the hostel. Razin Ragimov congratulated the students on the significant event and also expressed confidence that the plans for the improvement of the university will continue. “Dear students, I am glad to welcome everyone today at the official opening of dormitories after major repairs. It is no secret that good conditions are also needed for good studies and we will do everything to make it pleasant and prestigious for every student to study with us, to get a profession that is most in demand today,” Ragimov said.

As the acting Vice-rector for Economics and Administrative Work Siyadat Idrisova noted the creation of modern comfortable conditions in dormitories is a task that the university management faced. “Every step was important for us: so that students could receive not only education, but also spend their leisure time, engage in self-development, what friends they will get and in what environment they will spend time,” Siyadat Idrisova said.

The history of the creation of dormitories for students was shared by the head of the Dormitory No. 3, Mavlid Sagidkhadzhiev. He also addressed the organizers of the event. “The hostel has acquired a modern look. We have become very cozy and

beautiful inside, there is a place for leisure. All our students are close-knit, everyone lives together, and it will be even more pleasant to study in such wonderful conditions,” the head of the men’s dormitory is sure.

The elders of the women’s dormitory also spoke. “Today’s event once again proves how the university administration pays attention to the students. On behalf of all the residents, we want to thank you for such an unexpected and pleasant holiday for us,” the representatives of the women’s hostel said.

The head of the women’s dormitory No. 2, Angela Askerova, invited the guests to a tour of the renovated buildings after the official part of the event. On the rounds, the leaders listened to the wishes of students living in female and male dormitories and promised to resolve issues with the Internet in buildings and mirrors in the showers soon.

The most pleasant part for students living in dormitories was the holding of a competition, as a result of which 6 rooms received valuable gifts.

“For me, it is a holiday – to open a renovated house for our students. I am glad that we were able to provide a second home for our students, which corresponds to the title of the university,” S. Idrisova said at the end of the event.