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A simulation room was opened at the Department of Hospital Surgery No. 2



The Rector of the Dagestan State Medical University, Chief Physician of the A. V. Vishnevsky Research Clinical Center Gaziyavdi Ber Musayev and Vice-Rector for Clinical Work Magomed Khamidov, along with Dean of the Medical Faculty Raisa Shakhsinova, visited the Department of Hospital Surgery Number 2, which is the clinical basis of the Republican Clinical Hospital. The purpose of the visit was to inaugurate a simulation lab, which has recently been opened at the department.

The head of department, Hamid Askerkhanov and his team, showed the guests the provided equipment, explained how the learning process would be organized, including the development of practical skills among students. Installations for gastroscopy and colonoscopy as well as laparoscopy and an interactive anatomical table were demonstrated to the guests.

V. Khanaliev commented on what he had seen, saying that the university’s administration was doing a significant amount of work to enhance the material and technological infrastructure, acquiring simulation equipment for various departments, enabling students to practice their practical skills on-site. This work is paying off. We aim to produce highly skilled, competitive graduates who, upon graduation, will be immediately prepared to work in healthcare facilities not only within the Republic of Dagestan but also overseas. I am confident that, with your assistance, utilizing modern equipment and innovative educational technologies, we can achieve our goal.

Later, the guests attended a museum dedicated to the memory of Rashid Pashayevich Askerkhanov, who was a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, and honorary member of surgical societies in Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.

V. Khanaliyev recalled his memories of the Professor and noted that precisely such examples of unselfish dedication to one’s profession should be the basis for training the younger generation of physicians.