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A student of DSMU became the owner of the III-degree diploma of the conference “Young Scientists in Russian Otorhinolaryngology”



The 70th Research and Practical Conference “Young Scientists in Russian Otorhinolaryngology”, held on 23rd and 24th of January 2024, was organized in the conference room of the Saint Petersburg Scientific Research Institute for Ear, Throat, Nose, and Speech.

The conference was attended by clinical residents, postgraduate students of leading universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The meetings were held in thematic sections. In total, 46 young scientists made presentations.

Dagestan State Medical University was represented at the conference by a fourth-year medical student, Patimat Muslimova, an active member of the SRC “Physioland” and specialist in otorhinolaryngology. Her scientific supervisor and head of the department of ear, throat and nose diseases with improved training, Yunuskadi Jamaludinova, was also present. Muslimova’s presentation, titled “Rinofima: An Unsolved Problem,” was highly praised by the jury, which awarded her a diploma of 3rd class. The chairman of the jury, Sergey V. Ryazantsev, noted that Muslimova was the youngest representative at the conference and the sole student among all the participants.