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A student of DSMU received a place of honour at the International Forum             #WEARETOGETHER in Moscow



The International Forum of Public Participation “WEARETOGETHER” took place in Moscow from 4 to 8 December, bringing together representatives of social organisations, activists and volunteers from all over the world. The forum featured discussions, masterclasses, and presentations of projects aimed at preserving the health of society. On 7 December, at the closing ceremony, the winners were awarded. The winners of the “WEARETOGETHER” Award in the nomination “Health of the Nation” in the category “Volunteers” and ” Non-profit organisations” were announced at the event. The Forum brought together more than 1,800 participants and 128 finalists.

The nomination included projects in the field of mental and physical health, donorship, healthcare development, promotion of physical education and sports, and healthy lifestyle values.

The aim of the forum is to demonstrate the achievements of volunteerism and the non-profit sector over the past 20 years and to identify vectors of development of the sphere until 2030 together with the community of leaders of social change.

The laureates were awarded by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. ” Everything that was created by the volunteer movement ” WEARETOGETHER ” during the pandemic and everything that continues to this day is a project that we need. We – medics, are sincerely grateful to our colleagues who stand shoulder to shoulder, who help today and in the dispensary and wounded, those who help people with disabilities to become a full part of society. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

The project “Young Rescuer” took the third place. Its author is Kemale Askenderova, a student of DSMU. The project’s mission is to teach children and young people how to provide first aid in case of emergencies and natural disasters. For this purpose, Kemale organised a four-day school where children from 7 to 17 years old will be taught first aid, psychological support and rescue in a playful way and will receive a lot of useful information and positive emotions.

We are proud of Askenderova Kemale and her work. Her dedication and entrepreneurship in promoting safety and health deserve our sincere appreciation. We congratulate her on her achievement and wish her continued success in her important work!

The International Forum for Civic Participation # WEARETOGETHER was a meaningful event for all participants and allowed them to join forces in the struggle for a healthy future of society.