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A young scientist from Dagestan is working on disinfection of drinking water



A young scientist, a student of Dagestan State Medical University Tatamov Arslan Ayavovich became the winner of the project competition “Umnik” of the Innovation Promotion Fund and won a grant of 500 thousand rubles for the development of his project.

The promising project immediately interested experts, as it is very relevant in our republic and is associated with the development of nanocoating for disinfection of drinking water.

​In total, 64 applications from all over the republic were admitted to the final of the competition. As a result of the experts’ work, 8 winners were determined, among whom was Arslan Tatamov. His project is “Development of nanocoating for disinfection of drinking water using titanium dioxide”.

​The scientist explained the essence of his project: “The bactericidal nanocoating being developed will provide photodegradation of biological pollutants under the influence of free, renewable solar energy, as well as due to room lighting (unlike analogues that exhibit enhanced photocatalytic activity under the influence of UV radiation, resulting in a need for the purchase of UV lamps and their maintenance). The result of the project will be a nanocoating that has shown the best result in the process of water purification. It can be used as a bactericidal coating on porous filter membranes for water purification at home.”

People actively use water in their daily activities: they drink, cook food on it and wash . We do not only consume water in its pure form, but also get it together with food. But, unfortunately, the quality of consumed water is getting worse every year, 80-90 percent of tap water does not meet sanitary standards. The consequences of drinking contaminated water for humans are various intestinal and infectious diseases — cholera, typhus, hepatitis, dysentery, gastroenteritis. In addition, water pollution leads to deterioration of the skin, negatively affects the condition of the hair, leads to tooth damage.

“The final product of this project will solve the global problem of water purification from biological pollutants. The target audience will be people who use filtered water at home, commercial and non-profit organizations whose activities are related to water purification,” Tatamov shared.

It should be recalled that the competition of innovative projects “UMNIK” of the Innovation Promotion Fund is not held in the republic for the first time. More than 60 applications from students and young scientists of the republic are submitted to the competition annually  and the most promising applications receive a grant of 500 thousand rubles for the development of the project.