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Acting Rector of DSMA N. Mollaeva checked the Admission Board readiness to work




On Friday, June 18, the Acting rector of Dagestan State Medical University, Naida Mollaeva, checked the Admission Board readiness to work. Admission campaign at the university starts on June 19.

Ilyas Kiblayev, the responsible secretary of the Admission Board, spoke in detail about how the enrollment procedure will be carried out, what changes have been made to the 2021admission rules etc. It was noted that with regard to the situation of the coronavirus infection incidence, applications from enrollees will be submitted online. There is no in-person submission at the moment. Applicants can submit online via University EIS; in electronic form through the Unified Portal of public services within the framework of the super service “Admission to University online” – for applicants of Federal Budget Seats (including when applying for targeted training), except for the admission of persons with special rights; through public postal operators.

Addressing the members of the Admissions Board, N. Mollaeva congratulated them on the start of the work and noted that it should be held in compliance with all the norms of a new coronavirus infection spread prevention and maximum attention to each applicant.

It should be noted that in 2021, the university will have 645 students on state-funded education, 353 of whom on targeted training quotas.

DSMU Press Service