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Acting Rector of DSMU Suleiman Mammaev visited the interregional forum of leaders of SSG NCFD “Vector-2020”



From May 19 to 22, the interregional forum of leaders of NCFD student self-government of the “Vector-2020” takes place on the recreation center territory of “Arena Beach”. The forum is rich in events, intensive events, alternative venues, new acquaintances and pleasant meetings.

The second day of “Vector-2020”, May 20, was marked by the arrival of the guest of honor – the acting Rector of DSMU, Professor Suleiman Mammayev. Suleiman Nurattinovich thanked the young people for the fact that they find the opportunity to spend their personal time on doing good deeds, participate in the volunteer movement, and implement interesting projects to convey positive values to their peers. “Active youth is the future of our country, and I am happy to welcome guests from all over the North Caucasus Federal District and observe their development as leaders of youth self-government,” Suleiman Nurattinovich said.

After the welcoming speeches, a “Dialogue on equal terms” was held, during which the participants of the meeting discussed topical issues of medical and social volunteering, youth leadership, the development of new features of the AIS Youth of Russia platform, and the issues of time management of the guests.

Suleiman Nurattinovich noted the high level of the event and wished good luck in their endeavors to all those present.

Shuainat Labazanova, Youth Affairs Committee