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Acting Rector of DSMU V. Khanaliev met with activists of the Center of Culture of DSMU




On Thursday, December 16, Acting Rector of Dagestan State Medical University Visampasha Khanaliev met with activists of the University’s Cultural Center – participants of the gala concert of the Golden Autumn Festival  headed by Director Natalia Zalieva. The meeting was also attended by employees of the center Gadzhi Bashirkhanov and Abdulla Fataliev.

  1. Khanaliev congratulated the students on their victory in the qualifying round of the festival and noted that students who actively participate in the social life of the university can always count on support. “But at the same time, we must not forget that all of you are first of all students of a medical university and study should always be in the first place for you,” the acting rector stressed.
  2. Aliyeva spoke about the work of the DSMU Cultural Center, the current directions in which students are actively developing, voiced suggestions for improving the Center’s activities.

Then the students performed several verses of songs in national languages, which they performed at the qualifying round of the Golden Autumn festival.

The meeting ended with a shared photo for memory.