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Acting Rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev held an extracurricular class Conversations about the important for pupils of School No. 11 in Khasavyurt.



In order to develop moral and ethical values in children and adolescents and to encourage teachers to develop their own active attitude towards these values, the ” Conversations about the important” project is implemented in schools on Mondays every week. Thus, on 20 November 2023, Visampasha Khanaliev, a deputy of the People’s Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan and acting rector of the Dagestan State Medical University, visited the students of the 8th “B” class of the Khasavyurt School No. 11 and held an extracurricular lesson “Talking about Important Things” dedicated to family relationships. The children were not only told about the values of family relationships, but also learnt a good lesson about the importance of knowing the history of one’s family and compiling a family tree.

The guests and pupils began the lesson by singing the National Anthem of the Russian Federation. The lesson was conducted using multimedia equipment and interactive tasks. В. Khanaliev discussed with the children the issues that they were primarily interested in. During the conversation, the topic of choosing a future profession was highlighted. In addition, the Acting Rector took part in the traditional ceremonial rally with flag raising, and together with the school director Khunkarov V.M. inspected the educational institution and visited the food service.                At the end of the lesson Visampasha Khanaliev wished the pupils success in all endeavours and good luck on the difficult but interesting path to knowledge, because “knowledge is one of the most important values of people, and our country has created all opportunities for every child to obtain, deepen and apply knowledge in different spheres”.