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Acting Rector of the DSMU Naida Mollaeva wished congratulations on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Dagestan



Dear colleagues and students, dear Dagestanis.

I wish you my warmest congratulations on the state holiday of our republic – the Constitution Day of the Republic of Dagestan!

The Basic law adoption of the Republic of Dagestan was the most important event in the history of the multinational Dagestani people, made it possible to make the right choice on the way to the formation of a legal democratic society.

The Constitution of the Republic guarantees the right of every citizen to health protection and medical care. Our medical workers stand guard over the protection of public health both day and night, not sparing themselves and risking their own health.

The Constitution of the Republic of Dagestan contributes to the preservation of social stability in the republic, reflects the firm will and desire of the people to ensure the unity and integrity of Dagestan within the Russian Federation.

I am convinced that, relying on this important document, we will be able to overcome all the existing difficulties and reach new heights in our development, to ensure peace and harmony on our land.

I wish everyone peace, harmony, health and well-being for the prosperity of our republic!

Acting Rector of DSMU Naida Mollaeva