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Activists of the Environmental Department of the Trade Union Committee held a competition for the best birdhouse



On Friday, December 9, activists of the Environmental Department of the Student Sector of the United Trade Union Committee organized a project competition for the best birdhouse “Home for All” in the walls of Dagestan State Medical University.

“As you know, birds are our neighbors on the planet. Just like humans, they need a warm and cozy home where they can overwinter and hide from predators, build a nest for their family and breed offspring. We, in turn, can help our feathered friends in their hard work,” the activists opened the event with these words.

The aim of the competition was to build a bird house that would meet all the requirements in a short time. Three people gathered from each department of the trade union committee in order to design and present the most practical, individual and interesting birdhouse for the competition. The task was not easy, because it was necessary to do everything better and better than their rivals, so as not to miss the chance to win.

Each of the guys followed his own plan. For someone, it consisted of drawing a draft, making markings, buying all the necessary accessories and getting to work. The other – with all his strength, with confidence and imagination to start a business. Despite the fact that everyone had different tactics, everyone was able to fulfill the main task – to create a secluded home for winged friends.

Presenting their work, the leaders of each team argued why their team should be awarded the prize. So, the winner was chosen by the audience by voting.

After evaluating all the works, they wrote their choice on a piece of paper, after which they threw it into the box of votes. Having received the largest number of votes, the 1st place was taken by the Moral and Patriotic Department, the 2nd place was awarded to the Cultural and Mass Department, and the 3rd place was won by the team of the Scientific Department. However, after the announcement of the results, the team that took 1st place expressed a desire to share the winnings with the team of the Environmental Department, to which the latter were very happy and grateful.

Thus, several more birdhouses will appear in the courtyard of our university, built with great labor and love, which will give shelter to birds in severe, frosty weather.