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Activists of the Trade Union Committee continue to conduct preventive conversations with students about the dangers of drugs addiction.



The spread of drugs and drug addiction among young people is an acute social problem that needs to be dealt with. So, the activists of the Student Sector of the United Trade Union Committee did not stand aside and decided to contribute to the fight against the spread of narcotic substances.

A preventive conversation was held with students of DSMU on November 23, 2022. The organizers told about what drugs are, about the harm and consequences that the use of prohibited substances leads to and first aid in case of overdose.

Another problem is the involvement of young people through social networks and messengers in the sale of drugs. Therefore, the topic of criminal liability for the storage and distribution of narcotic substances was also touched upon.

“The first thing that drugs have bad impact on are the nervous system and the brain, which is manifested by hypoxia and the death of nerve cells, and therefore a decrease in intellectual abilities. There is a complete disintegration and degradation of the personality.

According to official statistics, about 30 thousand people die annually in Russia as a result of taking narcotic drugs. Every year, 80 thousand new drug addicts are identified in the country. The total number of drug addicts is from 2 to 2.5 million people aged 18 to 39 years. More than 140 thousand of them are teenage children and it is very sad,” the activist noted.

Uma Musaeva, Trade Union Committee