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Activists of the Trade Union Committee held an environmental action on planting roses in DSMU



Activists of the environmental department of the Student Sector of the United Trade Union Committee decided to decorate the territory of the Biological Building of Dagestan State Medical University and planted rose seedlings.

 With the help of the necessary equipment – gloves, buckets, shovels and planting material, students began active work on the green areas of the university.

 “Roses do not leave anyone indifferent. Due to their variety of shapes, sizes and colors,they fit into almost any flower arrangement in landscape design. In my opinion, roses can bring charm even to the most nondescript-looking area.

The main goal of our campaign is to increase the ecological well–being of the city and foster a careful attitude to nature,” one of the activists shared.

Due to the coordinated work of students, good mood, as well as the desire to improve the ecological situation and the picturesque view of the university, it was possible to successfully plant rose seedlings. They were helped in this by gardeners who work all year round on the territory of the medical university, keeping it clean and tidy.