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Activists of the Trade Union Committee started gardening work with schoolchildren



   Activists of the Student Sector of the United Trade Union Committee, together with students of the 7th grade of gymnasium No. 13, taken shovels, buckets and other tools, planted the first seedling of a shrubby purple tree on the school grounds on Monday, November 20.

 “Every child is a researcher by nature. While children have not lost interest in learning, exploring the world around them, we need to help them discover as many secrets of living and inanimate nature as possible. For this purpose, we are holding this event,” the activist of the Trade Union Committee said.

 At the environmental action, schoolchildren were shown how to plant trees correctly, explained that tree planting should be carried out from early spring to late autumn, and also told the children about why it is important to preserve and protect nature.

As the teacher of gymnasium No. 13 noted: “Children should be taught not to remain indifferent even to a broken branch. It is necessary to instill a love for nature, because children are our future. So, it should be explained during conversations or walks that by taking care of the nature of our native land, we thus contribute to the care of the ecology of the whole world as a whole.”

 In addition, some of the students honestly shared that this was their first experience in planting trees and they really remembered and liked it.

The action ended with a kind farewell from the activists and a shared photo.