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Activists of the Volunteer Center conducted a number of trainings on first aid



  First aid is a complex of simple measures that are aimed at eliminating the threat to the life of the victim, alleviating his suffering, as well as preventing further damage and possible complications.

  In order to teach the population the skills of first aid to victims in emergency situations, activists of the Volunteer Center of Dagestan State Medical University held several master classes. Trainings were held in the women’s gym “Multi-power women” and in the media market “Arbat-media”.

   The gym is a place of increased danger. If certain rules are not followed, it can become a sad starting point before an imminent injury. Very often in the gym you can get dislocations, sprains and even fractures. A coach is a person who should provide first aid in a timely and correct manner before the arrival of an ambulance in order to avoid further complications.

  The volunteers showed a master class on first aid in emergency situations such as bleeding, asphyxia, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest, convulsions, showed how to properly apply pressure bandages for bleeding, sprains, bruises, how to install splints for fractures, and what to do in case there are no necessary materials and devices at hand in  Multipower Women gym on November 24, 2022. The students could consolidate all the acquired knowledge by working out on mannequins.

   The training was held at the Arbat-Media Media Market for the store’s employees and its visitors on November 26, 2022. The training consisted of two parts – theory and practice. First, the volunteers talked about the importance of first aid, how to overcome fear so as not to harm themselves or others. They also noted the importance of psychological support, which is an important aspect in providing assistance. In the practical part, the main methods of applying pressure bandages, tourniquet, splints, as well as stopping bleeding and providing first aid for airway obstruction were analyzed. In conditions close to real, the measures “Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration” were worked out.

“You never know what situation you may find yourself in at any moment and with the help of knowledge of the correct first aid, it is literally possible to save a person’s life. I believe that absolutely everyone, both children and adults, should have basic first aid skills. Our department “First Aid training and support of mass events” does everything possible so that anyone in any situation can always help the victims,” said activist Kamila Eminova.

At the end of the trainings everyone could ask questions.