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Activists of the Volunteer Center conducted training on first aid for employees of the Poetry Theater




   First aid is a set of urgent measures aimed at saving a person’s life. Сompetent first aid is necessary in such emergency situations  as an accident, a sudden attack of illness, poisoning —other.

   Activists of the Volunteer Center of Dagestan State Medical University held a training on first aid for employees and visitors of “Poetry Theater from Pushkin to Gamzatov and …”.

   First of all, the volunteers told about the algorithm of action in emergency situations — how to behave in a given situation, how to overcome the initial shock in order to be able to protect, first of all, themselves and others.

  Activists explained that properly and timely first aid reduces the time of further treatment, promotes the speedy healing of wounds and is often the determining factor in saving the life of the victim.

 After the theory, the guys started the practical part and taught the workers the algorithm of first aid for bleeding, fractures, asphyxia, anaphylactic shock, frostbite, convulsions and other conditions. We also analyzed the main ways of applying pressure bandages, tourniquet, tires. All the knowledge gained was consolidated in practice in conditions close to real ones – on mannequins and improvised stations. During the training, the volunteers told about the mistakes that are most often made when providing first aid for in saving the life of the victim.

 “A variety of situations can happen in life and first aid is a very important skill that anyone, both an adult and a child needs to know. You never know what kind of situation you may be and with the help of knowledge of the correct first aid, it is literally possible to save a human life,” said activist Asiyat Koytemirova.

 At the end of the training, everyone could ask interesting questions and get detailed answers to them. The meeting ended with parting words and a shared photo.