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Activists of the Volunteer Center gave a lecture to schoolchildren on “The basics of a healthy lifestyle”



On December 24, 2022, activists of the Volunteer Center of Dagestan State Medical University held a lecture for 7th grade students on the topic: “Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle” at  Gymnasium No33. The purpose of this lecture was to form students’ ideas about a healthy lifestyle and explain the significance of various factors that affect human health.

What is it – a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle is an action aimed at strengthening and preserving one’s own health. So, in order to be healthy, you need not to neglect the rules of personal hygiene and daily routine, as well as eat right and do exercises.

The most important factors in the formation of a healthy lifestyle are education and enlightenment in their concrete expression, that is, in the system of hygienic knowledge, skills and abilities aimed at preserving and strengthening health. His worldview, culture and lifestyle will largely depend on what will be embedded in a person from early childhood.

The volunteers told the students that a healthy lifestyle is based on scientifically sound and sanitary standards, such as: proper and rational nutrition; healthy and full sleep; physical activity and sports; hardening; compliance with work and rest; absence of harmful, harmful habits; positive thinking; ability to get out of various stressful states; high medical activity; ability to provide first aid in case of sudden illnesses, injuries; positive attitude to life and so on.

“We believe that it is important to hold various lectures and trainings on healthy lifestyle in schools. It is necessary to instill knowledge about the preservation of one’s own health from a young age, to form habits that contribute to maintaining health, so that in the future one does not face the consequences of the influence of harmful habits and environmental factors. We plan to hold a lot of such lectures for schoolchildren and hope that they will extract a lot of useful, and most importantly, important information from it,” said Shakhruzat Kurbayilova, head of the department of “Healthy Lifestyle”.

At the end of the lecture, the students were able to ask all the questions they were interested in and were motivated to follow the skills and rules of a healthy lifestyle. The meeting ended with a shared photo and parting words.