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Activists of the Volunteer Center held a campaign to feed homeless animals as part of the “Week of Kindness”



   This week is a “Week of Kindness” for volunteers and the second event was a campaign to feed homeless animals in parks and streets of the city, which took place on October 18.

   The event is held in order to remind the residents of the city that the kindness of a person does not end with his attitude to people, because there are completely helpless beings who are no less in need of our help. To foster love for animals, to encourage people to protect and appreciate them – that’s what drives our activists.

   Not remaining indifferent to this problem, the guys prepared bowls with food and water for cats and dogs abandoned to the mercy of fate. Volunteers placed them on the streets of the city. Over 90 animals were fed by activists during the action in general.

“Conducting such actions volunteers strive to attract the attention of as many people as possible to this problem. Many of the animals that were found in the streets were once pets who lived in warmth and comfort. Not accustomed to the street lifestyle, they are quickly exposed to adverse environmental conditions and die among the first. At best, the animal will end up in a shelter, but even there is not the most favorable environment. It’s worth appreciating your pets, because we are responsible for those who have been tamed!”, – added one of the participants of the action.

The volunteer center urges not to forget to feed dogs and cats, take out water for them and surround them with at least a fraction of the care they deserve.