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Activists of the Volunteer Center visited special children



Activists of the Volunteer Center of  DSMU visited the Republican Center for Social and Labor Adaptation and Career Guidance named after U.M. Murtuzalieva where children with mental development disorders study and held an entertaining event for them on Tuesday, September 20.

Autumn is the time to create warmth and comfort  and children with special needs do not always have enough warmth and not only in autumn. That is why the volunteers went to visit the pupils of the center. An interesting game adventure was created especially for the guys. Throughout the meeting, the children received a large number of new positive impressions and emotions. They sang songs, led round dances, danced. The games were very lively and interesting. The volunteers tried to create a warm and trusting atmosphere, opening their hearts to every child.

It is not always possible for children with developmental disabilities to do what is commonplace for us. They lack the experience of interacting with the outside world, with other people. Therefore, the more caring people can regularly visit children and communicate with them, the better these children will be. After all, only through communication and kindness will they learn to be open to the world, trust people and believe in their own strength.

The meeting ended with a shared photo, distribution of sweets and gifts. I would like to thank everyone who did not remain indifferent and took part in today’s event. Don’t forget to do good deeds, because voluntary help to those who need it is a great opportunity to change the world for the better.