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Activists of the Youth Affairs Committee held a “Ball of Life” campaign



  Activists of the Committee for Youth Affairs of Dagestan State Medical University held a charity event “The Ball of Life” to raise funds on the territory of the central square of Makhachkala on October 19.

  Participation in charity events gives everyone the opportunity to do a good deed and help people in need. That is why it is so important to attract public attention to this event. The purpose of any charity event is transparent and simple.  It is provide necessary assistance to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. These can be charity events for the disabled, assistance to social shelters and orphanages.

  The “Ball of Life” was held in support of Islam Khanakhmedov, who received a severe traumatic brain injury and is currently in a coma as a result of being hit by a car. The child needs medical and diagnostic assistance aimed at his speedy recovery. Activists of the Youth Affairs Committee could not stand aside and decided to contribute to the recovery of the little boy.

   “It is worth noting that such events have become a good tradition among the youth of the city. This action has been held annually for five years. A lot of sympathetic people responded to our request and willingly participated in the action. It’s nice to see that people don’t stay away when someone needs help.

   “We thanked everyone who responded and helped, in particular, I would like to express gratitude to the Dean of our university, who also actively participated in our event. We do not plan to stop and will repeat such actions. Unity is our strength,” the chairman of the Youth Affairs Committee Shuainat Labazanova said.

  Since the action was of a charitable nature, the guys offered all passers-by on the territory of the square to buy balloons for a free amount. All proceeds were transferred to the head of the Sector for the Development of Youth Initiatives and Student Governments  Milana Yunusova who is engaged in collecting for Islam Khanakhmedov within the framework of  DSMU.