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An employee of DSMU won the competition of young scientists in the XXIX All-Russian Conference ” Pain medicine – from understanding to action 2023”



Assistant Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases, Medical Genetics and Neurosurgery of DSMU Ksenia Manysheva won the contest of young scientists held within the framework of the XXIX All-Russian Scientific and practical conference with international participation of the Russian Society for the Study of Pain “Pain medicine – from understanding to action 2023” in Ufa.

She presented a report “Assessment of chronic non-specific back pain and sleep quality of young people”, made under the supervision of Associate Professor Burliyat Abusuyeva. The members of the expert committee noted the high scientific level of the study, and also recommended to summarize the results obtained and to submit them for publication in leading industry journals.

The report was dedicated to the memory of a well-known Chechen neurologist, Professor Tahuz Akhmadov, who several years ago suggested department’s staff to develop this extremely relevant topic.