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Anniversary conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of DSMU



   The jubilee scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Dagestan State Medical University was held in the conference hall of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of the university on November 11, 2022.

    The participation in the opening of the solemn events was taken by the acting Rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev, Chairman of the Committee of the People’s Assembly on health of the Republic of  Dagestan, Labor and Social Policy Ilyas Mamaev, Minister of Health of Dagestan Tatyana Belyaeva, Chairman of the Dagestan regional branch of the Trade Union of Healthcare Workers of the Russian Federation Zumrud Buchaeva, representatives of medical universities from different regions of the Russian Federation: Rector of  Altai Medical University Irina Sheremetyeva, Director of the Medical Institute of  Chechen University Khizir Bataev, Vice-Rector on the educational work of the North Ossetian Medical Academy Alla Gurina, Deputy Director of  Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute for Scientific Work Dmitry Konovalov, chief doctors of Republican healthcare institutions, staff and students of  Dagestan State Medical University and many others.

    The conference was opened by V. Khanaliev, who  has reminded  everyone that today is a wonderful holiday – the anniversary of our Alma mater. “Over the past years, our university has grown into a real school of medical art. Our graduates work in all corners of our country and abroad, honourably fulfilling their medical duty, giving their knowledge and skills to improving people’s health, constantly improving their skills, keeping gratitude to their teachers.

  Today, the university staff understands that it is on the threshold of a new era in which new realities, new challenges await it and that its main duty to the future is to leave behind an educated generation of specialists, strong scientific schools striving for creativity and knowledge.

    Our task is not only to train highly qualified personnel, but also to actively participate in the reform of the public health system, in the introduction of innovative technologies in scientific, educational and medical processes.

  I sincerely congratulate the University staff, employees, students and all graduates of DSMU on their 90th anniversary! I wish our Alma mater productivity and prosperity,” he said.   

   I.Mamaev, T.Belyaeva, Z.Buchaeva also spoke with words of greeting, who expressed sincere gratitude to the university for the years of study, noted that Dagestan State Medical University has always been and remains a forge of personnel for healthcare not only in the Republic of Dagestan, but also in the South of Russia, as well as neighboring countries.

    Rectors of partner universities from Uzbekistan – Rector of Andijan Medical Institute Madamin Madazimov and Rector of  Bukhara Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino Shukhrat Teshaev congratulated  DSMU on its 90th anniversary via video link.

   The management and employees of DSMU were also congratulated on the 90th anniversary by representatives of medical universities of the Russian Federation. They noted that today is a holiday not only for the university, but also for the whole of Dagestan, as  the most significant higher educational institution in the region is turning  90 years old. The contribution of  DSMU scientists and medical schools founded by them to the formation and development of the country’s medical science was emphasized. The contribution of volunteers during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 was not spared. All speakers wished the university, its staff and students further prosperity and conquest of new heights.

   During the event, the medical volunteers  of  DSMU  were awarded with commendations of the Ministry of Health of Dagestan Republic from the hands of Minister Tatyana Belyaeva. Zumrud Buchaeva awarded the distinguished employees cash prizes.

   The scientific part of the conference consisted of reports on the relevant topic: “Scientific and innovative activities of  Dagestan State Medical University” – Acting Vice–Rector for Research, Professor Naida Rajabovna Mollayeva ;

“High-tech medical care in the Dagestan Center of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery: organization and results” – Head of the Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Facaulty Of Advanced Training of DSMU , Director of “Dagestan Center of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery”, Professor Osman Makhachev ; “New views and achievements in cardiology in 2022” –Head of Department of Polyclinic Therapy, Cardiology and General Medical Practice of Faculty of Advanced Training,  Professor Aligaji Abdullaev ; “Bacterial pneumonia in the era of COVID – 19: antibiotic resistance and problems of therapy” – Head of the Department of Polyclinic Therapy, Professor Kubatai Masuev; “Modern Herniology” – Acting Vice-Rector for Medical Work, Head of the Department of Surgery of  the Faculty of Advanced Training, Professor Magomed Khamidov.

  At the end of the event,  Cultural Center of DSMU presented a small concert program to the guests and participants of the event.

  An exhibition of poster reports and student scientific societies was launched in the lobby of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center. The Scientific Library of  DSMU presented a thematic book exhibition.