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Another meeting was held in the framework of the prevention of extremism and terrorism among students at DSMU




On October 15, in the lecture hall of the 5-storey building of the DSMA, representatives of law enforcement agencies had a conversation with students on the prevention of offenses, as well as countering the ideology of extremism and terrorism. The meeting was attended by Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work of the State Medical University Elmira Abiyeva, Head of the Security Department Sirazhutdin Kimpayev, Assistant Vice-Rector for Religious Affairs Mukhamad-Zakir Yusufov, Head of the checkpoint Department Labazan Hajiyev, Acting Head of the Department of Biophysics, Informatics and Medical Equipment Ramazan Abdulgalimov. Shamil Imanshapiev, an inspector for juvenile affairs in the Sovetsky district, was invited to the meeting as an expert.

Elmira Abieva welcomed the audience on behalf of Acting Rector Razin Ragimov, noting the relevance of the topic of the meeting. “It’s sad to say this, but the facts of antisocial behavior, extremist attacks on the part of teenagers and young people are periodically available in our country. You’ve probably all heard about the murder case in one of the schools in Makhachkala. This is just a blatant, tragic case. Our task is to prevent any violations of discipline at the university, to prevent religious, ethnic, racial discord between students. We have a lot of young people from foreign countries studying here and it is very important for us to maintain tolerance between students, education in the best traditions of the university.As future doctors, should be a model of humanity and spirituality,” E. Abieva said.

Further, Labazan Gadzhiyev told the students about the rules of behavior at the university in case of emergency situations, about the basic rules of behavior in academic buildings during and after classes, urged students not to violate discipline, to be vigilant when suspicious behavior is detected by others.

Muhammad-Zakir Yusupov appealed to the students to be more tolerant, kinder to each other, not indifferent to the problems of fellow students, noting that the noble title of a doctor consists primarily of his personal and moral qualities.

Sirazhudin Kimpaev told the children about the rules of the University’s Charter, about what disciplinary violations students may face punishment in the form of expulsion.

The guest of the meeting Shamil Imanshapiev, in turn, also addressed the students: “I want to once again urge you to be vigilant to the environment, to contact the relevant authorities or the staff of the security department of the university in time to prevent such brutal reprisals that have occurred in recent months in one of the universities of Perm and in school No. 51 of Makhachkala.”

At the end of the meeting the students asked interesting questions to which they received exhaustive answers.