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Assembly day of Dagestan State Medical University dedicated to the Day of Russian Science




The assembly day of Dagestan State Medical University, dedicated to the Day of Russian Science was held at the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of DSMU on 11 February.

The acting rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. “I am glad to welcome everyone to the conference dedicated to the Day of Russian Science and dedicated to the 90th anniversary of our alma mater. The year 2022 is very significant for us. This year Dagestan State Medical University celebrates its 90th anniversary. Our university has passed a long and hard-working path of development. All these years, the university has paid special attention to research activities, creating conditions for the development of the scientific potential of students and staff. Our university traditionally unites talented researchers, creators of scientific schools  who are known not only in our republic, but also far beyond its borders.

Students of our university actively participate in Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences and other events of various levels, where they show decent results. We celebrate the brilliant achievements of our students in mastering fundamental disciplines. These victories were the result of the work of scientific and methodological schools of the university. For several years in a row, representatives of our university have become holders of grants from the Head of the Republic of Dagestan, winners of the UMNIK program and other scientific events, including the University Science Relay.

I wish each of you good health, further success  and  undying creative thought to all current and future figures of science  and may all your ideas always find a way to development and implementation,” Visampasha Khanaliev said in his speech.

Then there was an award ceremony for students and staff of the university based on the results of research work for 2021. Then the film “Scientific achievements of DSMU” was shown.

In continuation of the scientific part of the conference, V. Khanaliev gave the floor to Acting Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of DSMU Naida Mollayeva, who presented the report “Development of scientific and innovative activities in DSMU” to the audience. First, she congratulated the participants of the conference on the Day of Russian Science and noted that science is a force that gives progress, movement, development in all spheres of life: medicine, education, economy, production. The achievements of scientists bring humanity to a new level of life, increasing its quality.

The second report “Patenting innovative technologies is a protecting the priority of the results of intellectual activity of the university” was read by the head of the Intellectual Property Department  Amisey Guseynova.


Director of the REC “Center for Advanced Development of Medicine and Technological Initiatives of DSMU” Naida Abdullaeva  announced the report “Competence centers as the basis for the development of innovative infrastructure and personnel training”.

The report “Method of determining the localization of tumor obstruction of the biliary tract and the degree of its prevalence” was made by the assistant of the Department of General Surgery; winner of the All-Russian scientific and practical event “RELAY OF UNIVERSITY SCIENCE -2022” Rosa Sultanova.

The report “The influence of psychosocial stress factors on the development of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women against the background of metabolic syndrome” was read by the assistant of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of pediatric, Dental and Preventive Medicine faculties; winner of the All-Russian scientific and practical event “RELAY  OF UNIVERSITY SCIENCE -2022” Muminat Idrisova.

A young scientist of DSMU, finalist of the program “Umnik – 2021” A. Makaev read the report “Development of non-electronic medical identifiers”.

The conference was held in a warm atmosphere, all the identified issues were discussed.