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Basketball tournament among DSMU students



  A basketball tournament among students of Dagestan State Medical University was held in the Sports Complex of DSMU in the large sports hall. The event was organized by the Sports Club of DSMU, the Youth Affairs Committee, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Medicine on October 21, 2022.

   The main objectives of the competition were: popularization of basketball among university students; involvement of students in systematic physical education and sports; selection of new players in the national basketball team of DSMU.

   Such teams as “Sore Knees”, “League Stars”, “Eintracht”, “Semender”, “The main is the game”, “Repulse” competed for the title of winners of the tournament.

  As a result of a hard struggle, the results are as follows:

I place — team “Sore knees”

II place — Eintracht team

III place — team “Semender”