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Competition among students “Lower the Coronavirus”



Students over the age of 18 (students, residents, postgraduates) of the Dagestan State Medical University, as well as students of the Medical College at the University are invited to participate in the competition.

The event was organized by Dagestan State Medical University with the involvement of regional partners.

The main goal of the competition is to encourage vaccination among students of the Dagestan State Medical University and is aimed at identifying and developing a program for effective implementation of vaccination among students of the university.

Terms of the competition are as follows: the participants of the competition are students who have passed the I and II stages of vaccination before September 6, 2021.

Terms and procedure of the competition – till September 6, 2021 (time 12: 00 Moscow time), you need to submit an application for participation and send the materials to the e-mail of the competition: dgmu_konkurs@mail.ru

  1. Electronic certificate for Government Services “Certificate of preventive vaccination from COVID-19” (pdf format)
  2. Photo of the participant’s passport or record book
  3. Consent to personal data processing

The winners will receive the main prize from the organizer of the Contest and guaranteed gifts from Partners!

For additional questions about participation in the contest, please contact: +7 (928) 225-00-02, or write to the Telegram channel http://t.me/dgmu_official and  http://t.me/dgmu_official_chat