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Conference “Health, Medical Education and Surgery in Europe” was held at DSMU




The Scientific and Practical Conference on Health, Medical Education and Surgery in Europe, organized by DSMU with the participation of the International Association of Doctors “Vailor” (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands) and the Medical Center “Surgery, Robotic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery” Immanuel klinik R’dersdorf, Deutschland (Germany, Berlin) was held on April 3 in the Act Hall of the Scientific And Educational Center of Dagestan.

The event was opened by the head of the International Relations Department Sazhida Khadzhaliyeva. “Today’s conference takes place in a mixed format: online and in-person mode. In online mode we have leading scientists, talented doctors of the highest category, highly qualified specialists of leading foreign medical institutions in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. All these scientists are our compatriots who created the Vailor association outside the country.

International conferences and forums are often held within the walls of the Dagestan State Medical University. Although the format of today’s event is new for us we hope that further such meetings will become traditional. Academic mobility is developing at the university. The university management is doing a great job to establish ties and develop international relations between universities of near and far abroad, “said Khadzhaliyeva.

On behalf of the Rector of the DSMA, Suleiman Mammayev, the Vice-Rector for Medical Work, Magomed Khamidov, welcomed the audience. “Today, we will learn a lot of interesting and useful things. And most importantly, it is planned to expand our international cooperation, promote academic mobility in all areas: educational, scientific and medical, ” Khamidov said and wished the conference fruitful work.

Then Rashid Hajiyev, head of the department of public health and healthcare of DSMU, welcomed all the participants of the conference.

“The Department of Public Health welcomes the participants of today’s conference – our fellow countrymen who work abroad. In recent years, the material and technical base of our university has significantly strengthened and relations with foreign medical universities are expanding, “said Rashid Hajiyev and wished the conference participants active fruitful work and strengthening further ties with our fellow countrymen who work in foreign countries.

Movsar Tembulatov, a surgeon, doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, came to Makhachkala to participate in the conference. He currently works in Germany. He thanked the university management for the invitation to the conference. “Although I did not study at the Dagestan Medical University, my professional activities are directly related to it. I studied the textbooks of the corypheus of medicine Rashid Askerkhanov. As the fates decree, my colleagues were mostly graduates of the Dagestan State Medical Institute. And they always had a lot to learn. Having attended today’s conference, you will not waste your time, you will learn a lot of useful information, “Tembulatov addressed the audience.

The plenary part of the conference included a number of interesting reports. Among them: “The medical education system in Germany” – speaker Muslim Zubairaev – chairman of the Veilor association, neurosurgeon, candidate of medical sciences (Germany);



“Healthcare management in Belgium” – speaker Timur Isaev,  intensivist of the highest category (Belgium);

“Interaction between the early breast cancer program and health insurance in Belgium” – speaker Zarema Malsagova – radiologist, specialist in radiation diagnostics (radiology, mammography, ultrasound, CT, MRI);

“Synchronization in modern psychological research in the development of medicines”- speaker Tamerlan Saidov-Secretary of the Vailor Association, Doctor of Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands;

“Scientists in Germany – features and requirements” – speaker Movsar Borschigov, deputy chairman of the Veilor Association, surgeon (Rüdersdorf, Germany), candidate of medical sciences;

“Medical education in Austria”- speaker Rosa Adler – gynaecologist, department of radiation oncology(Austria).

The following topics were discussed at the conference:

 Healthcare management

  1. How the health insurance system works?
  2. What is the cut of family doctors of the total bill of doctors in Germany?
  3. Ratio of medical and preventive work in family doctors?
  4. Average salary of family doctors.
  5. How is the medical care of rural residents organized, what medical organizations are available in rural areas?
  6. Percentage of doctors who work in primary health care out of the total number of doctors in Germany?


  1. Is it true that in Germany any education is free?
  2. Is it true that in Germany for higher educational institutions there is a quota for foreign citizens (7%) and they are on a budget basis?
  3. How can a Russian student enter a residency program after graduation?
  4. How is it possible to get into postgraduate course? What documents are needed, are there any entrance exams, and the cost of training? And will it be possible to combine it with work?


  1. How does the surgeon upgrades his qualification— does he get points for this? CME system?
  2. How is robotic surgery developing in Germany?
  3. What surgical diseases registry systems have been introduced in Germany?

The conference was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. All the planned issues were discussed.

DSMU Press Service