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Congratulation of the Acting Rector on the Health Worker Day!



Dear colleagues and students! Congratulations on your professional holiday – Health Worker Day! We have chosen one of the noblest professions: we treat, teach and learn, conduct scientific researches. Today, when the health of Russians is one of the state priorities, the activities of medical professionals are of particular importance.

Health workers trust the most precious thing they have – their health and the health of their loved ones. We are well aware of the full responsibility that lies on us in preserving the health, and sometimes the life, of our compatriots. Performing this activity is priceless: the lives saved and the sincere gratitude of our fellow citizens.

Being on the challenging but interesting path of teaching students, the role of mentors is very important, which, in fact, is what you do, dear colleagues! By your example, you demonstrate in practice how to solve complex problems and, perhaps, from the student years, to search, plan, and then implement new, more advanced forms, methods and directions of research activities. It requires deep knowledge, mercy, great patience, moral and physical strength. It depends on our joint efforts which doctors will replace the current generations of medical professionals.

The pandemic has made us realize how much work is being done by health workers. What all health care providers have faced is an unprecedented challenge. Now we are the winners, despite all the difficulties we had to face.

Please accept my warmest thanks for your selfless work, talent and skill, for your perseverance and diligence in educating new generations of those who care about the health of their fellow citizens!

Acting Rector of DSMU N.R. Mollaeva