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Congratulations of the acting Rector of Dagestan State Medical University R. Ragimov on the Day of the teacher of higher school.



Dear colleagues! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the Day of the Higher School Teacher. This holiday was established only this year and will be celebrated annually on November 19. The appearance of such a holiday is long overdue. In our country there is a Teacher’s Day, a Teacher’s Day, and it became natural to establish a Day for a higher school employee.

Being a teacher at a university is a whole art. After all, it is no longer children who come to us, but established young people with their own goals and outlook on life. Teaching at a medical university is a difficult task. We must pass on to the younger generation not only our medical and professional experience, but also instill in them the qualities necessary for medical workers – humanity, compassion, love for one’s neighbor. I wish each of you a health, patience, success in your chosen field, prosperity and peace!

Sincerely, Acting Rector of DSMU Razin Ragimov