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Conversations with students on the prevention of оffences, drug addiction, as well as extremism and terrorism continue at DSMU




  A regular meeting with university students took place at DSMU in the framework of work on the prevention of offenses, drug use, as well as countering the ideology of extremism and terrorism among young people.

  The event was attended by Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work Elmira Abieva, Assistant Vice-rector and employees of the Department for Work with Students. The guests of the meeting were employees of the education department of the Muftiate of Dagestan Republic  Ali Arslanov and Sayfulla Isaev.

  During the conversation with the students, such issues as administrative and criminal liability for drug trafficking, for involvement in the activities of extremist groups, the dissemination of fake information in social networks, as well as for participation in unauthorized rallies were touched upon.

   The guests from the Muftiate, in turn, discussed with the guys what behavior in public places, student classrooms is acceptable for young people from a religious point of view, about respect for elders and also urged the guys to be selective in communicating with strangers and to check the accuracy of received  information, to seek answers to questions from representatives of traditional Islam, experts who have sufficient knowledge about religion and distinguish extremist literature from traditional Islamic.

  Then the students were able to ask the guests questions about the issues which were raised. At the end of the meeting, E. Abieva thanked the guests on behalf of the university administration for a meaningful conversation and said that joint work with the Muftiate of the Republic in this direction will be permanent.

  Another such meeting took place in the conference hall of the administrative building of   DSMU. The lecturers were the head of the coordination center of DSU Magomed Magomedov, an employee of the Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs of Dagestan Republic  Abdulgamid Samadov, an employee of the education department of the Muftiate of  Dagestan Ali Arslanov.

   At the meeting, protection against fake information on the web and measures to counteract their spreading. The lecturers held a lively dialogue with the students on the topic of information security. Ali Arslanov also raised the topic of assessing the consequences of extremist publications on the Internet. The activists, in turn, took an active part and asked their questions on this topic.