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Dialogue on equal terms for school detachments of ARSM “Medical Volunteers” was held at DSMU



On Friday, March 19, within the walls of the Biological Corps of the Dagestan State Medical University, a “Dialogue on equal terms” was organized for the school detachments of the ARSM “Medical Volunteers.”

This event is held annually by medical volunteers as part of the program “Career Guidance for school students in Medicine through Volunteering.” The program helps school students, “tomorrow’s” applicants, “to know medicine from the inside and make an informed choice of the future profession.

Elmira Abieva, Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Socio-Educational Work, Murad Abdulmuslimov, graduate student and assistant of the Department of Faculty and Hospital Pediatrics, and Milan Yunusova, head of the sector for the development of youth initiatives and student self-government, were invited to take part in the conversation.

Elmira Abieva, as a person with many years of experience in the field of education, gave parting words to students, wished to believe in strength, not to be afraid of new undertakings and emphasized the importance and responsibility of choosing a future profession with the words: “Career planning should be a mandatory stage that contributes to the professional self-approval of a young person.”

School students asked a huge number of questions about emotional burnout, working with patients and much more.

Murad Abdulmuslimov and Milana Yunusova told the students about their student years, about the baggage of knowledge, pleasant meetings, the opportunities received at a medical university and what difficulties need to be overcome when choosing a particular speciality of a doctor.

At the end of the meeting, the children were encouraged by letters for active work in the school detachment of  ARSM “Medical Volunteers.”

Asiyat Magdilova, Volunteer Center