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DSMU Acting Rector meets with students who saved a man in Makhachkala



Social networks spread the news about medical students who saved the life of a man in Makhachkala. Ramazan Daudov and Yunus Aliyev, two students of the Pediatric Faculty of Dagestan State Medical University, became heroes.

On Monday, May 22, Acting Rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev met with students and Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics Patimat Magomedova. He noted that he was very glad that the guys did not get lost in such a situation, were able to provide first aid to the victim and thereby saved his life.

“You did a great job-you saved a man’s life. For a doctor, there should be no nationality, race, religion, or other differences. It is our duty to help to anyone if his life or health is in danger. I am very happy that we have these wonderful students and am always ready to support active and curious students. And again, I would like to thank you for your action and wish you further success. I am sure that you will become great doctors, ” V. Khanaliyev said.

The students thanked the acting rector for his attention, told him about the condition of the victim, and how they helped him. It turned out that the young man had a heart attack and a state of clinical death. And with the help of students, his life was saved. He is in the hospital now and has called to the guys himself and thanked them for their help.