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DSMU activists held an action “I am and I will be” dedicated to the International Day of Children with Cancer



Every year, on February 15, the  International  Day of  children with cancer under the patronage of  international society of  pediatric oncologists in celebrated more than in 40 countries. According to world statistics every year about 200 thousand children get cancer and unfortunately 50% of them die. Successful treatment of cancer depends on timely diagnosis. Successful treatment of cancer depends on timely diagnosis.

In connection with this date, activists of Union Committee of Dagestan State Medical University held a charity event called “I am and I will be”. The purpose of the campaign was to draw the public’s attention to the problem of children with cancer, as well as to point out the need for timely access to a doctor at the first signs of diseases such as: pallor, tendency to bleeding, bone pain; tumor-like formation-especially if it is painless, without fever or signs of infection; unexpected weight loss, sweating at night, prolonged cough and difficulty breathing. Also abdominal enlargement, headache, pain in the limbs and bones, tumor-like formations of the limbs, etc. Much of the struggle for the lives of children with cancer depends on how confident the society is that this struggle can bring success. February 15 is not a day of despair, but a celebration of the victory of children and adults, doctors, relatives of patients and all those who are not indifferent to someone else’s grief over a terrible disease cancerous tumors of childhood. The success of healing children from cancer is a combination of such factors as timely diagnosis, the use of modern therapeutic techniques and,of course, the care and love of relatives and friends!