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DSMU activists took part in the educational campaign “We are for traditions, peace and security!”



On Wednesday, November 18, a seminar on technologies for ensuring the prevention of extremism, the development of intercultural dialogue and patriotic work for managers of student projects and programs was held in the conference hall of the Dagestan State Medical University. Students of   Dagestan State Medical University also took part in the seminar

The pro-rector for educational and social work of the DSU  Zarema Guseikhanova and the first deputy director of the Center for the Prevention of Religious and Ethnic Extremism in Educational Organizations of the Russian Federation Alexei Cherkezov addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

“The agenda of our event as a whole is not only the prevention of extremism in the university, but also the discussion of it as a multi-level activity in a non-stop mode. I would like to emphasize that such seminars are held in many regions of our country, and I am glad that DSU joined the Campaign “We are for traditions, peace and security!” – noted Zarema Guseikhanova

The event was held in two stages. In the first block, which included introductory speeches, the senior operative of the Center for Combating Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan, Police Major Makamagomed Abutov, spoke about the prevention of the spread of destructive ideologies. “The most common age group falling under the influence of extremist groups is young people under 25. Despite the fact that we talk about the prevention of extremism quite often, this topic is still relevant, especially for the regions of the North Caucasus, “the speaker noted.

The head of the campaign “We are for traditions, peace and security!” Egor Yakorev spoke about the progress of the campaign and the technology of multilevel permanent prevention. ⠀ After the coffee break, the participants moved on to the second block of the seminar – “On methods of improving the preventive effect of projects and programs for students”, in which they were able to get acquainted with the technology of building value projects using the example of patriotic education.The seminar ended with a practical part – exchange of experience and discussion of the results of the seminar.