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DSMU became the venue of the action-concert “Youth of Makhachkala against extremism and terrorism”



  An action-concert “Youth of Makhachkala against extremism and terrorism” was held in the assembly hall of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of DSMU, initiated by the Committee on Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs and the City Youth Center of Makhachkala.

  The event was attended by Chairman of the Committee on Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs Magomed Sumenov, Deputy Minister for National Policy and Religious Affairs of  Dagestan  Murad Shafiev, Head of the Department for ensuring the activities of the ATK Rovshan Hajibalayev, member of the Expert Council Asiyat Buttayeva, Director of the City Youth Center Samir Magomedov, representative of  Muftiat  of Dagestan  Shamil Aliyev, assistant Chairman of the city assembly of deputies Gadzhimagomed Tazhibov, deputy of the city assembly Murad Mirzagadzhiev.

  On behalf of the Acting Rector of  DSMU Visampashi Khanaliev, the Acting Vice-rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work Elmira Abieva made a welcoming speech. She noted that such preventive measures are carried out regularly at the university and they are especially relevant in connection with the events taking place in the world.

 Magomed Sumenov welcomed all those present and stressed that prevention should always be done. “Extremism is an evil that we must fight. According to statistics, 4 out of 5 people from the criminal environment are young people. It is more susceptible to external influence. Therefore, it is necessary to work with them  from the very beginning and to instill in them the right spiritual and moral values,” he added.

  Representative of the Muftiate of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shamil Aliev in turn noted that “terrorism is a social phenomenon, it is misinterpreted, often associated with religion” and urged young people not to embark on this criminal path.

  A small concert program was also held as part of the event. The choreographic ensemble “Simurg” of  Art School No. 1 of Makhachkala, a student of the DMBK named after him, performed on the stage performed the song “Officers” and a student of the Automobile and Road College Albina Makarova recited a poem by Bakhtiyor Irmukhamedov dedicated to the memory of the Hero of Russia Magomed Nurbagandov.

The event ended with a shared photo