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DSMU continues to work within the framework of the program “Volunteer Pedagogical Teams”



A volunteer action was held on December 23rd, 2022 at Lyceum No. 9 in Makhachkala, to help school children from low-income families, whose parents are among the categories of citizens who are in need of special military assistance. This event was organized in preparation for the unified state exam.

A volunteer activist from the Student Research Club “Physioland”, a fourth-year student, Albina Shepeleva, presented the topic “Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System” to students from grade 11. The students asked questions that were of interest to them, and the presentation was held in a format that resembled a dialogue between the volunteer and the audience. The student also shared her experiences of preparing for the Unified State Examination and provided useful tips that can help students get organized and consciously prepare for the upcoming examinations.

It should be noted that since 2021, the Department of Education in the city of Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan (RD) has been implementing the “Volunteer Teaching Teams” social project. The objective of this project is to establish volunteer teaching teams whose activities aim to provide free, optional education to schoolchildren in grades 9 and 11 from low-income and large families, with the goal of preparing them for the State Final Examination and Unified State Exam.

Volunteer students participating in the project develop teamwork skills and acquire new knowledge and experience. They also have the opportunity to take on the role of teacher, mentor, or tutor. Each member of the teaching team can express their individuality and contribute to raising the overall level of educational attainment. They can also expand their social circle and engage in socially significant initiatives that contribute to their professional self-expression and personal growth.