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DSMU employee took part in the International forum on Genomics



A three-day international forum with the participation of research teams from Russia, Austria, Germany and France “Dialogues on Genomics: best practices of laboratories of the Russian Federation and Europe” was held at the first federal territory at the Sirius University of Science and Technology on July 7-10, 2021.

Representatives of the leading laboratories of the Russian Federation and Europe, characterized by a high international reputation and internationally recognized research results, were invited to the forum, which was held within the framework of the Year of Science and Technology. Among them is the head of the Department of Genomic Medicine of the DSMU, head of the genomic research department of the DFRC Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Magomed Radzhabov.

Magomed Radzhabov made a speech at the panel discussion of the plenary session of the forum. The scientist told about the uniqueness of the gene pool of the indigenous ethnic groups of Dagestan, their features and what difficulties scientists face when implementing their projects.

“The best Russian and European scientists gathered at the same place to create and develop joint projects, exchange experience on advanced organizational and scientific practices in the field of genomic technologies and research, as well as stimulate research in Russia in the field of life sciences,” Radzhabov notes. “The international conference, organized in the form of lectures and master classes from leading scientists of the world – is an opportunity for extended informal communication between managers and representatives of new laboratories and all those who are interested in the creation and development of research teams and the organization of international-level research in the field of genetics and genomics”.

The plenary session was attended by: Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation A. Fursenko, Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation V. Falkov, his deputy A. Medvedev, member of the Presidium of the Association for the Promotion of Science, endocrinologist M. Vorontsova, head of the federal territory “Sirius” A. Stolyarov and many others.

It should be noted that the event was organized by the Russian-Austrian forum of civil societies “Sochi Dialogue” with the support of the Russian-French forum of civil societies “Trianon Dialogue” and the forum of civil societies of Russia and Germany “Petersburg Dialogue”.