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DSMU expands international cooperation and develops academic mobility with medical institutions in Germany



Within the framework of international cooperation of  Dagestan State Medical University with German medical institutions work is being carried out to attract leading specialists to the educational process.

The events are held in order to exchange experience, improve the quality of training of medical personnel and familiarize the teaching staff and students of  DSMU with current international achievements.

On December 25, DSMU hosted an open online lecture on the topic: “Herniology: Modern technologies and our experience.”  The lecture was given by Movsar Borschigov, Associate Professor of Surgery, Robotic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery at Immanuel klinik Rudersdorf, Deutschland (Berlin, Germany).

Magomed Khamidov, head of the Department of Surgery of faculty of advanced training and professional retraining of specialists( DSMU) acted as a moderator and conducted a video conference.  Residents of this Department  took part in the event, as well as young specialists leading the surgery of medical institutions of the North Caucasian Federal District.

 Thanks to the widespread introduction of laparoscopic technologies into practice in Germany, bariatric surgery began to develop rapidly.  Without a doubt, the level of modern development of surgery in Germany allows performing any even the most complex operations with minimal risks for the patient and with maximum efficiency.

At the end of the event a wide range of topical problems of endoscopic surgery were discussed.

Borshigov Movsar graduated from  the Astrakhan State Medical Academy, candidate of medical sciences.  In 2006 he left for Yemen, in 2011 because of the war in Yemen he moved to Germany.  Today he is an assistant professor of surgery.  He is engaged in robotic surgery, bariatric surgery and is a leading  hernia specialist (herniologist). He organizes annual humanitarian operations around the world and performs free operations for  needy  people. He  wrote a book: Yemen through the eyes of a Russian surgeon.  The second book about German medicine is being prepared for publication.

We are grateful for cooperation  to Borshigov Movsar for an interesting lecture and the chief physician of the clinic Rudolf Grit.

Мовсар Борщигов, доцент по хирургии, робото-хирургии и бариатрической хирургии Immanuel klinik Rüdersdorf, Deutschland