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DSMU Gold Medal at the 13th European Creativity and Innovation Exhibition “EUROINVENT 2021” in Romania




The 13th European Creativity and Innovation Exhibition “EUROINVENT 2021”, which was held in the online mode due to the coronavirus pandemic, ended in Iasi (Romania).

630 inventions and projects from 32 countries were announced for participation in the competition program: Australia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Iran, Cambodia, Canada, China, Korea, Lebanon, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Sudan, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Philippines, Philippines, Japan.

In the medicine section DSMU presented the patented development “Method for diagnosing hiatus hernia”, author Efendi Ismailov, assistant of the Department of Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy with UV (patent for invention No. 2745253), which was awarded a gold medal and an honorary diploma of the exhibition “EUROINVENT 2021”.

The invention relates to radiation diagnostics, consists in an X-ray hiatus hernia and is characterized in that an X-ray diagnosis of axial hernias hiatus is performed. Depending on the X-ray examination, cardio-fundal hernias are divided into 3 subgroups of prolapse. The method can be used in abdominal surgery and gastroenterology, allowing you to optimize the diagnostic technique, as well as provide a more accurate separation of patients who need surgery. The innovative technology increases the diagnosis efficiency of patients with this pathology, thanks to the use of the proposed classification in the diagnosis of hiatus hernia. 

Our congratulations to the winner with a well-deserved award!

 DSMU Department of Intellectual Property