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DSMU hosted a regular meeting as part of the prevention of extremism, terrorism in the student environment




On April 15, a meeting of representatives of law enforcement agencies and the Muftiate of the RD with students on the prevention of the ideology of extremism and terrorism took place in the Biological Building of the DSMU. The meeting was attended by Elmira Nabieva, Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work of the DSMU, Sirazhutdin Kimpayev, Head of the Security Department, and Arsen Aigumov, a specialist of the Department for work with students. As experts, the meeting was attended by the Soviet district CID of Makhachkala, Yakub Karakhanov, principal anti-extremism officer Makkamagomed Abutov, PD NAAD for the Soviet district Shamil Imanshapiev, MIA DCS criminal investigator of the Republic of Dagestan Shamil Makhkaliyev, district militia officer, LPO for the Soviet district Huseyn Jabrailov, head of the education department of the RD Muftiat  for Makhachkala Ali Sultanov.

Opening the meeting, Elmira Abiyeva welcomed the audience on behalf of the Rector Suleiman Mammayev and noted the relevance of the topic of the meeting. “Our university pays great attention to the prevention of extremist phenomena. We have a lot of students from foreign countries, and it is important to maintain interethnic, racial, and religious tolerance between students. In addition, the management of the university has created all the conditions for students to not only study, but also to spend their leisure time with benefit: these are sports sections, and the opportunity to participate in the social and cultural life of the university. All this helps them to unite, better understand each other,” said Elmira Abieva.

The guests of the meeting, in turn, made reports, in which they focused on a number of issues that are particularly relevant for young people: recruitment to extremist and terrorist groups via the Internet, criminal liability for propaganda, the spread of extremist ideology, where you can turn if you are faced with such facts, what it means to “be on a preventive supervision” and what consequences this has for a young person, etc.

“Guys, our task is not just to scare you with sad stories of young people who have turned to the path of terrorism and extremism, but also to urge you to be vigilant to your surroundings, to contact the relevant authorities or the staff of the security department of the university in time, so that the young man does not step over the line when he will already face criminal responsibility,” Makkamagomed Abutov addressed the students.

Huseyn Dzhabrailov in his speech drew attention to the moral side of the issue, the traditional Dagestani values. “Remember that by taking the path of extremism, terrorism, you not only deprive yourself of your future, career, but also put your parents and relatives at risk. This stigma is not only on your biography, it is also a deep emotional wound for your mother and father, ” he highlighted.

The topic of the Dagestani mentality, its close connection with the Muslim religion, was also voiced by Ali Sultanov in his speech. Addressing the students, he noted that any religion, including the true Muslim one, calls only for peace, kindness, an equally tolerant, benevolent attitude towards people, regardless of their religion.

At the end of the expert presentations, the students asked their questions.