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DSMU joined All-Russian drug prevention operation “Children of Russia-2021”




On April 12, the department of pedagogy and psychology of DSMU held a conversation with foreign students on the prevention of drug abuse and psychotropic substances within the framework of the All-Russian interdepartmental complex operational and preventive operation “Children of Russia-2021”. The operation is aimed at preventing the spread of drug addiction, raising public awareness of the consequences of drug use, for participating in their trafficking.

The event was attended by the vice-rector for public relations and social and educational work of DSMU Elmira Abieva, deputy chairman of the committee for sports, tourism and youth affairs of the administration of Makhachkala Karina Imranova, deputy director of the Municipal Youth Center Indira Ayubova, acting head of the outpatient-polyclinic unit of the Republican Drug Treatment Dispensary, assistant of the Psychiatry and Drug Addiction Department of DSMU Salamat Shamsieva and others.

The event was opened by Elmira Abieva. She welcomed the audience on behalf of the rector Suleiman Mamayev and noted that DSMU pays great attention to the prevention of drug abuse and psychotropic substances and many events of various formats are held in this direction. “A drug addict is a social corpse. He is indifferent to public affairs. The acquisition and use of intoxicating substances becomes his life purpose. No wonder drug addiction is sometimes called an epidemic non-communicable disease. A person loses kinship feelings, attachment to people. You guys, as future doctors, should be especially vigilant to the environment, in time to contact the relevant authorities, if you notice the facts of inducement to use narcotic substances, “said the vice-rector.

Then the guests of the event spoke. They touched on the legal and social consequences of the use and sale of drugs, talked about how this  shadow economy was built, urged not to believe the promises of easy money, drew attention to the danger of certain pages on social networks where drugs are sold.

Karina Imranova noted that drug addiction is becoming a serious threat to Dagestan youth, so the Committee on Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs also conducts systematic work in this direction: information anti-drug raids, street actions, round tables aimed at preventing drug use by teenagers and young people.

In turn, Salamat Shamsieva spoke about the physical and mental dependence of drug use. “Treatment in our drug dispensary is free of charge. Of course, this is a long process; it requires not only the help of the relatives of the drug addict, but also, above all, his desire to be cured. You can contact the drug dispensary anonymously,” she highlighted.

During the conversation, students were given booklets with information about the harmful effects of such a narcotic substance as naswar.

In the continuation of the event, foreign students were shown a documentary film about the dangers of drugs and psychotropic substances.

At the end of the meeting, the students asked the specialists their questions