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DSMU joined the all-Russian action “Report where death is traded”




On March 23, in the assembly hall of the DSMU Innovation Scientific and Educational Center, a meeting of law enforcement officials with first-year students on the prevention of drug and psychotropic substance abuse was held as part of the all-Russian campaign “Report where death is traded.”

The aim of the action is to involve the public in combating drug trafficking, collect and verify operational information, provide qualified assistance and advice on the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

The event was attended by Shamil Makhkuliev, Operations Officer of the Department for Drug Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the RD, Police Captain of the Soviet Police Department, District Commissioner Huseyn Dzhabrailov, Head of the Drug Addiction Prevention Department of the Drug Trafficking Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RD Nadezhda Seyfudinova, Khalid Chimagomedov, Deputy Head of the Department of Migration, Lieutenant Colonel of Police, Inspector of the YLO OP in the Soviet district of Makhachkala, police lieutenant Shamil Imanshapiev, as well as DSMU officers.

The event was opened by the vice-rector for public relations and socio-educational work of the DSMU Elmira Abieva. She welcomed the audience on behalf of Rector Suleiman Mammaev and noted that DSMU is systematically working in various areas, including the prevention of the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances. “Our university has created all the conditions for both educational and scientific activities, as well as for physical education, social, creative self-realization of students. The leadership of the university created the most comfortable environment for the comprehensive development of young people so that there is no place for asocial manifestations and harmful habits,” said the vice-rector.

Then the guests of the event spoke. It was said that the average age of drug users in the country has noticeably decreased; often these are young people who have not reached the age of majority. According to Shamil Makhkuliev, about 20 people are registered for the distribution of drugs in the Soviet district of Makhachkala. “Since the age of 14, they have already been imprisoned for serious crimes, including the distribution of drugs. Please think well before turning back on this path. Think about your parents, loved ones, “he spoke to students.

In turn, Nadezhda Seyfudinova informed about criminal liability for the production, sale or transfer of narcotic drugs, for inducement to drug use, for involvement in sales, including on the Internet, told how not to become a victim of such involvement in social networks. “If you guys find out about sales of drugs, psychotropic substances or about attempts to engage in sales, please inform  by anonymous number: 8 (8722) 994 994,” N. Seyfudinova urged.

At the end of the event, Elmira Abieva thanked the guests for such important and topical information, and reminded the students that they should become “successors of the best traditions of the Dagestan people, medicine of the republic, follow the right path to their goal.”

Pay attention!

Any resident of the Republic of Dagestan can confidentially transmit information about the matter of drug trafficking by number: 8 (8722) 994 994.