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DSMU medical volunteers gave an enlightening talk on vaccination with the population of Dagestan regions




Representatives of the Dagestan State Medical University gave an enlightening talk on vaccination with the population of the regions of Dagestan. According to the decision of the field staff of the Republic of Dagestan, the leadership of the DSMU in the person of Rector Suleiman Mammaev was recommended to send representatives of the university and medical volunteers to areas with low vaccination coverage for explanatory work with the population. Three groups of university representatives went on March 22 to the Akushinsky, Gergebil and Untsukul regions of the republic. The groups included university employees, as group leaders, and university medical volunteers. All of them underwent a vaccination procedure.

In the districts, meetings were held with the population in the administration of municipalities and state institutions, talked about Russian vaccines, testimonies and contraindications for vaccination. It was noted that Russian vaccines are safe and have high effectiveness, have practically no side effects, give a good immune response. Residents of the districts asked representatives of the university questions of interest to which they received detailed and comprehensive answers. In addition, information leaflets on coronavirus infection vaccination were distributed to residents of the districts.

“Only a large-scale vaccination against a new coronavirus infection will help us shape collective immunity, reduce the spread of infection and quickly manage the pandemic. The more active the vaccination is, the faster we can return to our daily habits. Vaccination will help us not only maintain our health, but also protect our loved ones, “said the rector of the DSMU Suleiman Mammaev.