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DSMU projects won grants in the NCFD Youth Project Competition




On Thursday, June 17, the Republican Youth Center hosted the final stage of the NCFD Youth Project Competition in the Republic of Dagestan, where the forum participants presented and defended their ideas.
From Dagestan State Medical University, the projects were presented by the head of the sector for the development of youth initiatives and student governments, the chairman of the Joint Council of Students, the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists Milana Yunusova with the project “PRO-vaccine”; Patimat Omarova, Project Manager of the Junior Rescuer; Merziat Effendieva, 1st year student of pediatric faculty with the project “Sport for everyone!”.

During the individual protection period, more than 50 teams presented their projects in four different categories: “Volunteerism”, “Sports, Healthy Lifestyle, Tourism”, “Patriotic Education” and “Creative Youth Initiatives”.

In total, more than 120 entries were submitted for the competition, of which 109 projects were allowed to provide grant support in various areas and public protection. According to the results of the competition, a total of 6,229,000 rubles will be allocated for the implementation of 28 projects.
The Minister of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan Kamil Saidov addressed the participants of the event. He emphasized that among the regions where the grant competition was held, Dagestan still ranks first in terms of the number of applications.

“The project design is a truly intellectual work, so all the participants, all the teams are great fellows! Unfortunately, this is a competition, and it is impossible for everyone to win. But you will also have the opportunity to implement your project at other platforms, and at grant competitions that Rosmolodezh holds regularly. And we, in turn, will try to provide you with maximum support and will be ready to take on all administrative issues,” Kamil Saidov said.
All the representatives of the DSMU presented and defended their projects perfectly. Thus, Milana Yunusova won a grant for the implementation of her project in the amount of 300,000 rubles, Merziyat Efendieva in the amount of 250,000 rubles and Patimat Omarova 50,000 rubles.

After the awarding ceremony, federal and regional experts discussed with the grant holders all the nuances of further project implementation.

Zainab Gazimagomedova, Youth Media Center Sector