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DSMU staff presented reports at the Neuroforum in Moscow



A Neuroforum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Scientific Center of Neurology was held in Moscow on June 29-30.

The comprehensive programme of the forum included a plenary session; symposiums on the most pressing problems of neuroscience; a section of poster presentations; master classes on new technologies in neurology, as well as interdisciplinary round tables discussing issues at the intersection of neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, resuscitation and other specialties.

Within the framework of the poster reports section, 3 works of employees of the Department of Nervous Diseases, Medical Genetics and Neurosurgery of the Dagestan State Medical University, performed under the guidance of Associate Professor B. Abusueva, were presented. Assistants M. Shanavazova (report on “ADHD in children with epilepsy”), M. Askevova (report on “The impact of restorative treatment on EEG and the course of epilepsy in children with cerebral palsy”), K. Manysheva (report on the topic “The role of mutations in the genes of the folate cycle in the occurrence of acute cerebral ischemia in women in Dagestan”) presented reports on cross-cutting areas of the department’s activities-pediatric neurology and cerebrovascular pathology.

The members of the expert commission noted the high scientific level of research conducted in the field of neurology at DSMU.